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A strange yet inticingly hot chick who constentlty breaks the rules just for the hell of it. a girl who can back flip off trees and writes beautiful poetry while remaining mysterious and sexy.
"dude. that is the hotest chick i've ever seen!"
"of course. She's Madz."
by Wdstk July 13, 2008
The most legendary force on internet chatrooms, as well as the most popular person on the internet, far surpassing the drawing power of tubgirl. She can be found on reddit drunk chats, sporting her sexy bangs and red lipstick. One should note that upon encountering a person with awesomeness of this magnitude to remember that Madz is the coolest bitch he or she will ever meet.
I met Madz on a Reddit chat, I think I'm in love.
by theaLyssavirus January 29, 2011
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