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The 3rd installment in the Digimon tv series, Digimon Tamers took place mostly in the Real World (Shinjuku) and revolved mostly around three Tamers (the term digidestined was dropped). Chiaka J. Konaka (author of Serial Experiments Lain, Alice in Cyberland etc) wrote the third season.
Unlike the previous two, there is no connection with Adventure and 02, other than them being ackknowledge as a franchise in the Tamer's universe.
It should be noted that Tamers uses actual locations, using the entire area of Shinjuku for the anime and several buildings, streets, parks, a school and homes. Also to be noted is the sharp difference in the appearance of the digital world. No longer "fluffy and sparkly" the Digital World is beautifully animated, combining CGI's with artistry to create an appealing visual.
Digimon Tamers at its core challenges the existance of Artifical Life and the potential dangers it poses to humanity. It deals with digital genocide, depression, suicide, neglect, hints of addiction, and the maturity of characters. Digimon Tamers is frequently noted as the darkest of the series yet Chiaka J. Konaka makes it enjoyable for all ages and still makes it a series thats truly worth watching.
Digimon Tamers runs for 50 episodes, produced by Toei Animation, written by Chiaka J. Konaka and directed as a group by the alias Akiyoshi Hongo.
by Hakuoh July 01, 2008
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