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1. To be or act diesel. Of diesel status.

2.. Maximally Bad ass.. Awesomely Awesome. Completely unstoppable, Like Darth Vader on gorilla hormones.

3. Dominating. Like a pittbull on a Maltese.
4. Majorly Destructive. Annihilatory. Like nuking an ant farm.
5. Of Epic proportions. Massive. Gigantopithicus. Like Voltron after full assembly.
Man #1: I wish I could be more diesely.
Man #2: You mean like Clint Eastwood in Gauntlet?
Man #1: Yeah...but more like the Beverly Hills Cop version of the "Neutron Dance"
Man #2: that's basically smashin?
Man #1: yup, on some "Ang Diesel" type status.
Man #2: (eyes wide, jaw hangs agape)
by mcbain02 July 06, 2013

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