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Somewhere you can resource words you dont understand or may be used in rude context.
1 Hey man do you like my dictionary. you can find words in it.
by The Markanator2009 September 28, 2009
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1) A book used to look up the definitions of words.

2) A gay version of Pictionary where you guess who's genitalia a player is drawing.

1) DOUCHE #1: Hey bro, look up swagger in the dictionary.

DOUCHE #2: I can't dude 'cause my four popped collars become so tight around my neck that they have damaged my spinal chord and rendered the lower half of my body useless thus I am unable to open a book.

DOUCHE#1: That sucks man. I'm gonna go dip my balls in kerosene and light them on fire 'cause that would make a sweet Youtube video.

DOUCHE#2: Rock on bro!

2) STRAIGHT GUY: Okay your turn.

GAY GUY: *Draws penis*

STRAIGHT GUY: Gahh! WTF is that?! Aren't we playing Pictionary?

GAY GUY: Pictionary? Oh... I thought you said Dictionary.
by Jacob the Traveling Salesman January 29, 2009
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You deserve to be slapped for looking up dictionary in the dictionary!......retard!
If some one is dumb enough to look up dictionary IN a dictionary, is an example really going to be sufficient to clear things up for them?
by kuckapoo February 04, 2007
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1.Firewood 2.Coloring book 3.Garbage 4.Flyswatter
1.Put the dictionary in the fire.
2.Hey, kid. Color in this dictionary.
3.Put that useless thing in the dictionary.
4.If a fly bothers you, use a dictionary.
by me, myself, i May 16, 2006
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Book containing the words of a language alphabetically arranged, with their meanings, etymology etc: a work containing information on any department of knowledge”
The dictionary comes extremely in handy to those studying for the SATs.
by the.man13 November 28, 2011
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Your an idiot. Get a life
I looked up the word dictionary in my dictionary and it said "Get a life"
by MISS DICTIONARY October 25, 2008
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Your an asshole........................
You must be a very literal person to look up dictionary on a dictionary site.
by Gino l February 09, 2008
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