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Somewhere you can resource words you dont understand or may be used in rude context.
1 Hey man do you like my dictionary. you can find words in it.
by The Markanator2009 September 28, 2009
1) A book used to look up the definitions of words.

2) A gay version of Pictionary where you guess who's genitalia a player is drawing.

1) DOUCHE #1: Hey bro, look up swagger in the dictionary.

DOUCHE #2: I can't dude 'cause my four popped collars become so tight around my neck that they have damaged my spinal chord and rendered the lower half of my body useless thus I am unable to open a book.

DOUCHE#1: That sucks man. I'm gonna go dip my balls in kerosene and light them on fire 'cause that would make a sweet Youtube video.

DOUCHE#2: Rock on bro!

2) STRAIGHT GUY: Okay your turn.

GAY GUY: *Draws penis*

STRAIGHT GUY: Gahh! WTF is that?! Aren't we playing Pictionary?

GAY GUY: Pictionary? Oh... I thought you said Dictionary.
by Jacob the Traveling Salesman January 29, 2009
You deserve to be slapped for looking up dictionary in the dictionary!......retard!
If some one is dumb enough to look up dictionary IN a dictionary, is an example really going to be sufficient to clear things up for them?
by kuckapoo February 04, 2007
1.Firewood 2.Coloring book 3.Garbage 4.Flyswatter
1.Put the dictionary in the fire.
2.Hey, kid. Color in this dictionary.
3.Put that useless thing in the dictionary.
4.If a fly bothers you, use a dictionary.
by me, myself, i May 16, 2006
Book containing the words of a language alphabetically arranged, with their meanings, etymology etc: a work containing information on any department of knowledge”
The dictionary comes extremely in handy to those studying for the SATs.
by the.man13 November 28, 2011
Your an idiot. Get a life
I looked up the word dictionary in my dictionary and it said "Get a life"
by MISS DICTIONARY October 25, 2008
Your an asshole........................
You must be a very literal person to look up dictionary on a dictionary site.
by Gino l February 09, 2008