a book used to define things
Demetri Martin: "I bought a dictionary...First thing I did, I looked up the word "Dictionary" and it said "You're an asshole"
by michael park September 27, 2007
Apparently it was an archaic form of looking up words before spell check and Wikipedia.
I used to chew on the cover of aDictionary at skool
by insanepeabrain February 02, 2010
1) A book used to look up the definitions of words.

2) A gay version of Pictionary where you guess who's genitalia a player is drawing.

1) DOUCHE #1: Hey bro, look up swagger in the dictionary.

DOUCHE #2: I can't dude 'cause my four popped collars become so tight around my neck that they have damaged my spinal chord and rendered the lower half of my body useless thus I am unable to open a book.

DOUCHE#1: That sucks man. I'm gonna go dip my balls in kerosene and light them on fire 'cause that would make a sweet Youtube video.

DOUCHE#2: Rock on bro!

2) STRAIGHT GUY: Okay your turn.

GAY GUY: *Draws penis*

STRAIGHT GUY: Gahh! WTF is that?! Aren't we playing Pictionary?

GAY GUY: Pictionary? Oh... I thought you said Dictionary.
by Jacob the Traveling Salesman January 29, 2009
A big book of words, where people look up definitions of words. The dictionary is missing many words, like the ones in here! If you're still confused, click here to look up dictionary
My name is not in the dictionary.
by hExDeCiMaL December 13, 2003
A malevolent literary device for cramping the growth of language and making it hard and inelastic. This dictionary, however, is most useful.
"Read the Goddamn rest of this dictionary. Why are you still HERE?"
by Zak May 03, 2003
As a verb, to press something under a large dictionary so that it lies flat.
I cant get the creases out if this paper, so I'll try to (dictionary) it
by 435643 February 25, 2015
A book or whatever that people read to look for definition with big ass words that you'll have to look for again only for it to define the word with "ly" in the end and it won't help. So you look the word up in urbandictionary or look if someone already asked what the word was in yahoo answers.
Me: What's the definition of "slut"?
In the dictionary: A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous.
Me: What the hell is promiscuous!??!?!
by She who MUSN'T be named March 19, 2011

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