The standard dictionary is a great way to get everyone to think and act the same way. It defines terms the way the writers like Webster want people to accept the words. Once the words are locked in as meaningful, the next step is the encyclopedia. This is all condoned by the Church, State, Military, Industrial, Education, Crime, Pseudo-Crime fighting masses to control everyone for the writer's own advantage and stop change. If anyone has a different definition of a word, one of the above mentioned group members says, "that is not the meaning of the word." So we all end up thinking and acting the same way, killing each other and burning up the world. Words are much more tricky than people think. Most people think "Peace" is the opposit of "War," because that is what the "dictionary," says; but nothing has lead to "War," more than "Peace." Either way one looses, when one follows the standard dictionary, encyclopedia, church. state, military, industrial, crime, pseudo crime fighting worded way. In the beginning was not "The Word," it was, "What was." Words are hints to get us where we need to go. If one accepts them totally as given by the standard dictionary, one is a word fundamentalist, which leads to other fundamentalist wars such as we now have.
"Eddie looked it up in the dictionary, that prooves he's right." Despite the fact that none of these words have any absolute meaning.
by fred ressler September 30, 2006
Youre an asshole.
Youre reading a dictionary, smartass.
by Cartmaniac June 03, 2009
1. Bible of the religion "spelling bee"
3. A thick book loaded with words an average individual will probably never use in her/her life
the spelling bee contestant vowed that he memorize the dictionary
by Chowfan words February 24, 2008
You're an asshole.
Why would you look up dictionary in a dictionary, you asshole.
by yomotha16745 April 02, 2009
dude youre seriously looking up the word dictionary?? you must be freaking bored
youre looking up the word dictionary? nerd
by hiiiiiiiiii., February 11, 2011
if you have looked up this word you probably have too much time on your hands.
Steve: OMG, I'm soo bored!
Steve: I think I'll look up stupid words on Urban until Project Runway comes on!
Steve: ...Lets start with..."Dictionary"!
Charlie walks in
Charlie: ...
Steve: ...
Charlie: Dude..
Charlie: What the fuck are you doing?
Steve: ...
Steve: er..Star Wars Trivia!
Charlie: Gee Wiz! ^o^ that sounds nifty! Are Wally and the Beav coming too!!!
Charlie: -.-
Steve: ...
Charlie: Dude, your mom told me to tell you that dinners in 15..Oh, ya..and Project Runway's on in 3 minutes.
Steve: =o!!
by RadioNinja May 12, 2008
A compiled collection of what was every known word still in present use in the english language. It was put together in an attempt to stem the mutation of the already unstable english language and keep it in a fair condition for future generations. Though dialects have evolved since then, it has managed to maintain the grammatical and vocabulary structures of the language to a good enough point that present society can still read old language tracts without much effort. For example of success; latin, due to its spoken frequency and under developed linguistical records, after the collapse of the culture, mutated into the romantic languages of French, Spanish and Italien, while English after subsequent invasions became a hybrid of Norse (Frissian dialect) and Germanic. Only after a dictionary was written around the 17th century did the English language stabalize into its still recognizable form today.

When in doubt, look it up.
by Guesswho June 12, 2003

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