4 definitions by RadioKing01

A religion in which you don't give a fuck.
Those who practice Falonism win the game.
by RadioKing01 December 12, 2009
You're a dick.
You're a dick for looking up dictionary in the dictionary.
by RadioKing01 November 29, 2009
What every 10-14 year old insists on making, adding me, and acting as if we are "besties," while begging and commanding for as much as a photo comment, and sending me 4 poorly written chain letters a day.
Hey, Zach, I noticed you didn't comment for comment on my MySpace.
by RadioKing01 November 29, 2009
A syndrome that sounds suspiciously like "ass burgers."
"Hey, Paul, I done gone and shat out an aspergers!
by RadioKing01 November 30, 2009

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