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4 definitions by Aweiker13

The act of looking up words in a dictionary.
"hold on I'm Dictionarying this word right quick"
by Aweiker13 December 12, 2009
2 1
When someone does something or something happens that makes your life difficult and/or puts a challenge in your way.
"hey did you hear. daves girlfriend cheated on him last night"

"what a dick move by her. he should dump her."
by Aweiker13 March 02, 2008
9 11
Pulling something good out of a tight situation.
"dude i totally boned that chick last night even after i gave her the angry pirate the other night"

"OHHHH!! Clutch!!!"
by Aweiker13 January 18, 2008
10 14
The act of sexually defecating upon a dented chest. such as that of bob

"shit bob i heard olga gave you the good old litter box last night"
by Aweiker13 January 24, 2008
1 15