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Verb. To throw dictionaries at those who are inept at using the English language in a manner that is fatal and resembles stoning.

(Not to be confused with stoning, an act that involves the exclusive use of stones.)
Friend 1: You look so nice in that top.

Friend 2: thnx boo boo mi bby daddy dun bought it 4 mi

Friend 1: You have just proven to the world why dictionarying should be legal.
by MPapaya September 26, 2012
The act of looking up words in a dictionary.
"hold on I'm Dictionarying this word right quick"
by Aweiker13 December 12, 2009
Going to find a word in the dictionary.
I don't know what the word means, so I'm dictionarying that shit!
by lizz :D December 27, 2008
Searching a dictionary orr! writing in one (:
im dictionarying that! :D
by Sawwahh January 28, 2011