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A semi-undercover attempt to still say that someone is acting, has just said something or is "gay", "gay as hell" or "gay as fuck" without saying gay.

**Best if used when in a situation where it may not necessarily be the most 'acceptable' to say that someone is acting or has just said something 'gay as hell' or 'gay as fuck'.
Dude, WTF?! Did you just see that shit?

Hahahaha...ya fool...that was Dicks in the butt
by weezy_beezy May 12, 2009
Phrase: A curse, similar in meaning to God Damn.
You're just driving down the highway, all composed.
Then next thing you know you're forced to slam on your brakes because the fuck head in front of you is doing 65 and you're doing 120... What do you yell? "DICKS IN THE BUTT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE GET OUT OF MY WAY... PICK IT UP!!"
by jetman~ November 18, 2011
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