A women who is addicted to dick(kind of like a crackhead)
you addicted to dick, so you a dick head
by Beat Jackin August 28, 2007
An asshole with the brains of a dick.
You'll get better gas mileage if you get your foot off the brake, dick head!
by Bartholomew Dilligaff October 06, 2005
dumb as a bun and doesn't know it
acts smart thinks dumb
not knowing this site easily qualifies you as a dickhead
by joe q January 16, 2004
a guy that truly has a penis for a head.
good morning dickhead, did you file the reports yet?
by n August 09, 2003
- Someone who masturbate so much that his friends needs to remind him to go to school because he is always masturbating.

- Someone who could also be named Small Dick Man (SDM) or Explosive Raccoon Invisible to Catch(ERIC).
- The patron of people called Dickhead is usually Saint-Denis.

- They are so much into masturbation that they forgot how to drive their cars!
Stop being a dickhead, you ERIC!! Even St-Denis would not approve this!!
by Craig Rivet August 02, 2006
1. an ex-husband with the first name dick
2. a male who thinks they are always right
My attorney told me my soon to be ex surely fit his name.

the dickhead wanted everything his way or no way and that was the only right way.
by ex-dickheads wife March 25, 2005
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