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(n.) - A ticket written by a police officer for an asshole reason just to dick with you.
Dude, I got a dicket for doing 48 in a 45!
by Thracks February 04, 2008
The act of sucking a dick in exchange for admission to any sort of event.
If it's a good enough show I definitely would be down to scalp some dickets to get in !
by keketrobo05 September 20, 2014
a credential which grants admission to claim a penis for a designated event, amount of time or moment; a ticket to claim some dick; a steady night caller; male invite to assume an intimate position
Go out & have a drink alone. Don't worry, your holding a "dicket" in your pocket for big boy Ed to come and dick ya down when your done having fun.

I'm calling Tom, he's my "dicket"!

This "dicket" ensures my booty call will be ready, willing and able to satisfy my needs.
by ShootingtheBird September 05, 2011
Dicket, a moving violation or parking ticket given to you by a dick policeman.
"Oh man, I just got a dicket for a rolling stop. What a dick!"
by ideahahaha July 10, 2008
dick ticket It's pretty much a dick who's holding a ticket.
LULZ @ that dicket.
by Foxxeh July 10, 2008
Cash, Money
You owe me some dicket.
by na November 16, 2003

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