A mix of someone acting like a douchebag and a dickhead. Therefore, a Dickbag. Meant as an insult, if someone takes it as a compliment, that means they're more fucked up in the brain.
"My ex is such a dickbag for cheating on me"

"that girl really needs to shut up an stop being such a dickbag."

"Why must our teacher be such a dickhead??"
by Country_girl February 25, 2013
a complete dick who cares to much about his public image
A bitchy freshman douche bag boy, who breaks up with his amazing Junior girl friend because he cares so much what people think is a dickbag
by Guptard March 07, 2011
when someone makes you so angry that when you look at them they seem to resemble a large scrotam
1. that fucker tripped me! what a dick bag!

2. this kid i know named kyle...
by God of Thunder June 23, 2004
The act of blocking someone else's fun and ruining a party
Dude Dan is such a Dickbag
by Basket714 November 18, 2010
One who encompasses all qualities of a huge duffel bag full of penises. One who does not understand that driving 2 hours to Sebring, FL for a fantasy draft and then driving back home and retuning at 2 am when the traveler has a 6 am flight.
Kaleb is a douche. That dickbag took Terrell Owens in the 10th round even though that nigga don't have a job.
by Codes123466 August 21, 2013
The female equivalent of a douchebag.
Jozel: That girl would not stop talking about herself.

Terry: What a dickbag!
by Ashy009 February 17, 2011
a girl normally with a name refering to a tree, that would be more common as a boys name, who constantly makes inappropriate comments and acts in a ridiculous manner.

often known for insulting her so-called friends, although dickbags have very little friends, in a public place but few of these insults are based on fact.
In a shop

"cant believe you lost your V-card at age 6"

(embarrased) "ahhh, your such a dickbag"
by Colebeast January 28, 2011

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