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The tingly-scalp nipplestand feeling one gets when cleaning out one's ears with a Q-Tip.
'AAAAAAAAAAAaaahhhhh ... eargasm."
by GR October 28, 2003
ss plays for the babyblue team, and had an amazing game. while still losing, ss was amazing scoring 20 some points, while his older less talented bro rs scored only 2 points for kk
ss is amazing
y isnt rs as good as ss
by gr March 06, 2005
a man who needs alot of lovin desperately
Give Papa Bear some Lovin?
by GR March 19, 2005
Scumbag, Condom, Jimmy, rubber, protection.
Don't flush the dickbag down the toilet, it wreaks havoc on the septic system...
by GR March 18, 2003

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