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to describe someone who traces dicks.
jordan drew is a dicktracy
by Boner August 24, 2003
What to call yourself when you are tracing your own penis.
Your roommate, Trent: "Dude!!!! What in the fuck are you doing?!!? In MY room?!? Naked?!?! With MY markers and construction paper?!?!?"

You: "Shhhh...this is some Dick Tracy shit... calm down Trent."
by bigbadmama May 13, 2011
Non offensive way of calling someone a 'dick' or being offensive by crushing a male Ego
That was a good idea wasnt it Dick Tracy
by Curly_L13 February 12, 2006
The Act of Slapping somebody's Arms and Torso repetitively After screaming "Dick Tracy!"
Usually preformed at random.

Sometimes two people will attempt to preform Dick Tracy at the same time, This will result in a Dick Tracy Duel
Guy 1: Dick Tracy!!!
Guy 2: Oh my God stop slapping me!!!
by Archbishop Christoph May 15, 2008