Dick Cheney

(np. Richard Bruce Cheney b.1941-)
(aka Darth Vader. Frankenstein’s monster, the penguin, Jaba The Hut.)

1) 46th ‘Vice’ President of the United States, and former Secretary of Defense. Puppetmaster to the early 21st century military Junta George W. Bush. (see Blackadder III and Prince George IV.)
2) (Disney origin) Jafar. The evil Vizir (advisor) to the brainless Sultan, in the Disney cartoon Aladdin.
2) Jabba the Hut (see Empire of Evil)
3) The fat, corrupt guy in the famous Humphrey Bogart movie Cassablanca, sometimes credited as Sydney Greenstreet.

-(Harry Potter): A Goblin. A morose, sullen individual who lives in a vault or bunker, and is obsessed with money.

-(Ref. H.G. Welles’ The Time Machine) A Morlock. (ie-a hideous, albino creature who dreads daylight, and lives underground to operate the machines that provide for the spoiled and child-like Eloi (See George W Bush).

v. to give somebody a Dick Cheney.
1) (v. sexual slang) To unintentionally ejaculate in a woman’s face. (ie- to accidentally ‘shoot’ somebody in the face. To get drunk, shoot somebody in the face, and then eat dinner.) A slang term for ejaculating in somebody’s face, formerly known as a pearl necklace.

v. to pull a Dick Cheney.
2) to escape or defer from an unpleasant responsibility by hiding in college for an extended period of time. To escape the national service draft in a time of war by spending eight years in a four year college degree program. (See Karl Rove. See chickenhawk.)

3) To publicly miscarry justice by ostensibly taking a Supreme Court Judge on a duck hunting trip, and then threatening to blow his face off if he doesn't vote to keep the identities of your corrupt business cronies a secret. (See Ned Beatty and Deliverance}.)

-to escape or defer an unpleasant responsibility by
knocking up a woman.
"Bill Clinton is famous for giving Monica Lewinsky a dick cheney so spectacularly messy that Congress felt he should be impeached for it."

“My rich grandfather established a trust fund for me, where I’d get $50 000 a year while I attended college. So, I pulled a dick cheney, and flunked my senior year exams 16 years in a row.”
by parisofpriam March 13, 2006
Proof that W likes men with cold hands. Has heart attacks daily, but is still vigorously fucks the American retards that elected him. Maybe if he had some of the petroleum in his veins replaced with actual blood his ticker would behave itself.
Dick Cheney needs a jack-in-the-box. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doodoo-doo-doo...POP!!!
by nomorebushpleasegodnomorebush December 08, 2003
He is Emperor palpatine. The man who bosses around Darth vader (see George W. Bush)
DickCheney's alias is Emperor Palpatine, and George Bush's alias is Darth vader.
by Wangsta Hippie November 18, 2004
The most evil and hideous (and bald) vice president ever. Oh that's great, we have George W. as President who is very dumb and second in command is this DICK "HEAD" CHENEY.

He is truly the root of all evil in America today.
George to Dick: I'm with Satan

Dick to George: I'm with Stupid
by I Hate Conformists April 19, 2005
A puppet master hired to scare children, and thinking adults... Also see dickhead cheney
Why look who's pulling dubya's strings its dick(head) cheney
by Mike November 01, 2003
noun. One of the purest forms of evil. An truly dangerous man who takes nothing except for money into consideration. Those who support this beast tend to be labeled as "piglets", and "beasties". Foul creatures indeed.
"Dick Cheney?....don't you DARE mention that name in this house! You might as well shit on the carpet, kill my children, or rape me! I mean...how dare you speak that name here? Just...leave. Now."
by Nemo_R_A November 28, 2004
The Vice President (in name alone) of the United States and Georgy's puppeteer. Helped fabricate intelligence so innocent American troops could go and die for the Halliburton Corporation. Has no problem doing this despite arranging five deferments for himself during the Vietnam War. Also has the full support of the racist radical right despite having a lesbo daughter.
"When are these chronic heart attacks going to finally kill Dick Cheney? Maybe he can get five deferments from hell."
by Lazarus Ciccone December 11, 2004

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