The forty-third President of the United States.
The reason that Dick Cheney keeps being shunted around to "undisclosed locations" is because if anything happened to him, George W. Bush would be President.
Exactly what he is. Also can be used as an insult.
Look at that DICK Cheney over there.
Dumbass: hay letz go be hiporcites and say we're uber kewl christians but then carry gunz n then shoot people lawl

Smart Person: Shut up Dick Cheney
by Kewlppl August 06, 2005
The Vice President under George W. Bush who every day exhibits blatant deception, betrayal of the American people, dealings with American enemies whenever it benefits him, stealing money from poor people to make himself wealthier, and a love of shooting old men in the face after mistaking them for small birds.

See: Lucifer
"If you love stealing from poor people, well you must be Dick Cheney"
by Kratos March 22, 2006
The vice president of our legendary nation who mistook a 78 year old lawyer for a quail and shot him in the face.
Who the hell is that shooting a bunch of seniors? Oh! It's just Dick Cheney.
by Paresthesia February 22, 2006
a chain that hangs from the male genatalia.
Grant Bird O'Neill went to the piercing parlor and got a dick cheney.
by Shiny Sam the Magic Man June 09, 2004
He's the Jim Henson to Bush's Kermit the Frog.
Basically, he's the puppeteer, and Bush is the puppet.
by bigtones October 05, 2004
1. a ventriloquist (why do you think his mouth looks like that?)

a.k.a. Big Swinging Dick
Dich Cheney before he dicks you
by Hilario October 05, 2004
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