When you're having sex from behind and about to cum, yell bird, and when your partner turns around confused shoot them in the face with your jizz.
I Dick Cheney'ed her right in the eye last night!
by HLOKTY September 28, 2010
Former vice-president. His favorite game is duck-duck face.
"Watch out for Dick Cheney. He might shoot you in the face."
by Juicalicious April 25, 2010
1. Pulling out and cumming on a girls face

2. Vice President of the United States under George W. Bush who famously shot his friend in the face and got the friend to apologize
He was having sex with her and totally dick cheneyed her! Her face was covered in spunk.
by dirty little girl October 16, 2010
When you blow your load on your friend's face and claim it was an accident.

Bonus points if they have incriminating evidence on you.
Sally better shut up about that shit or Jim is going to Dick Cheney her.

That asshole Dick Cheney'ed me, now I can't clean up this mess he left on my face.
by Tanker66 July 25, 2010
The art of having sex in a room with a passed out, unsuspecting patron nearby, so that when you are about to blow your gun load, you pull out, and shoot it on your unsuspecting "friend".
"Dude, last night I took that chick home and humped her in the living room and gave Chad a Dick Cheney while he was passed out on the couch!!"
by spliffix March 24, 2009
When one surprises a friend by blowing a load in their face.
I met a chick last night and I totally pulled a Dick Cheney all over her face.
by Wood Chuck M.F. July 04, 2012
A sexual act in which the guy blows his load on the girl's face, then forces her to apologize for standing in the way, through intimidation or otherwise.
Alec: So I Dick Cheney'ed that girl last night. She was in tears.

Eddie: Heh. Bitch had it coming.
by Breadfish February 25, 2011

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