A name not to be taken literally as an action.
Joe: I will not Dick Cheney!
by Critical Acclaim July 11, 2008
Hehe, you said "dick".
All your base are belong to us
by MPseMp August 19, 2005
(1) Republican. Vice President of The United States under George W. Bush. 2001-2009

(2) Scared the life out of pony-tailed, old Hippies, who, after having lived in the U.S. all their lives, have never actually read the Constitution, yet claim to understand it.

(3)Source of irrational anger for petulant, over-privileged children posing as adults who are pissed off that they missed the 60's, or having experienced the 60's, rail at growing old and irrelevent. Note: It is thought that he looks like their fathers who never showed them any affection, hence their rage.
Rainbow: "Dick Cheney is a murderer!"

Rainbow's Father: "You know, the Vice President has no actual authority"

Rainbow: "I HATE YOU DADDY! Can I borrow the car?"
by Torpedo Gunner May 16, 2009
A man serving as our vice president from 2000-2004. However, no one knows about him, because he hasn't done anything important for our country!
Dick Cheyney is our V.P.? How would I know that?
by xeroxcopyr May 16, 2004
Awesome bionic VP with a high tech pacemaker in his chest that has the built-in capability to brew his own high quality coffee.

Currently residing in a cave in Afghanistan in his personal pursuit of Osama Bin Laden.
As of this moment Dick Cheney is in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan brewing up some of his own delicious coffee.
by Danny Glover September 27, 2005
the act of a person appearing out of nowhere at any given moment, precisely to scare Dan Farnand.
Last week a guy popped out of nowhere and Dan screamed, "ahh it's Dick Cheney."
by Kate is bait November 20, 2004
The man who Chuck Norris bows to.
The man who Dick Cheney shot apologized to the so-called vice president on live television.

(I dare you to look it up, it happened)
by lastoftheidiots April 24, 2006

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