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Describes the uncontrollable urge to nod off and have your head bow down to your dick in a short quick snappy action during what seems to be long or boring presentations or meetings
I must not have had a good sleep last night as I was doing the dick watch during the sales meeting today.
#dickwatch #dkwatch #dikwatch #dickwtch #dkwtch
by 1staid May 10, 2011
The act of wearing your dick like a wristwatch. Accomplished by stretching your dick over your wrist, as though it were a watch. For added effect a clock face can be drawn on your dick.
-Hey, man, you got the time?
-Hold on, lemme check

*pulls out dickwatch*
-You motherfucker.
#dick #watch #wristwatch #cock #mexican wristwatch.
by Soldat222 March 20, 2011
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