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Any person who, literally or figuratively, aggressively tries to wrap their cock hungry lips around a dick.

Literal usage isn’t hard to imagine:

You are making out with your girlfriend, and surprisingly quickly her, lips start tracing down your treasure trail and before you know it, she has your dick in mouth - d.i.m.

“Oh Veronica, you little dick shark”

The gay guy at a club is really going after some cock:

“Look at Jesse up at the bar hitting on that tall, handsome Dutchman - total little dick shark”

Your 35-year old, single, female, career-driven boss hasn’t been on her back in months, and at the office party:

“Look - Lisa keeps brushing Craig’s belt buckle while they chat it up.” “Yeah, she’s being a real dick shark.”

Figuratively, it means anyone who is sucking up, or using sexual appeal to get ahead:

“The clients came to town and Ian was a total dick shark – couldn’t get their zippers open fast enough.”

“Tina’s nervous about the re-organization – nothing but the boss’s cock in her mouth will calm that little dick shark down.”

One last twist is to use it as a fake name.

The parts counter clerk barreled – “So you think this is warranty, ehh, well step on into Dick Shark’s office, and you two can straighten it out”
by Dick Shark February 01, 2008
A phrase used by drunk Russians trying to emulate Americans. The meaning of dick shark varies based on context, and can apply to both male and female subjects.
Dude, Pieter is such a Dick Shark. Yeah, but he still won't screw Anastasia. She's the one sharkin'.

by James_in_Texas February 01, 2008
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