The Vice President of the USA. He is also a sex machine, a la Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now". He can have sex with many people for a very long time. It wears out his heart, though. He is also Sara's personal fluffums.
I haven't had sex in so long... We'll have to call in DICK CHENEY!
by Lennon's Protege August 05, 2005
The biggest D V D to ever be the VP of the USA!
The best administrations VP!
by ShAdY July 26, 2004
Our great and courageous Vice President.

Liberal fucktards hate him which makes me like him even more.Dick Cheney is a fine American leader.
Source: Joe Blow, Feb 2, 2005

Yeah,I have to agree.My sole motivation for voting anymore is to opt for whatever pisses liberals off the most since there really is no other reason to vote that I can think of.Both parties fuck ass but liberals just fuck that bleeding ass a little bit rougher and a little bit harder.They've got the butt rape down to a science.So I say,"Go Dick" yourselves you whiney liberal fucks!
average person:"Voting is pointless.Both parties are so much alike,liberal and gay,that there is just no point anymore."
me:"Yeah but you COULD just vote to piss liberals off.Atleast that's still a good reason to vote."
first person:"Oh yeah,I see your point.That's a really great idea,thanks."
*Example doesn't use the word Dick Cheney in a sentence.*
by fuck liberals in the ass November 07, 2005
A great vice president, one who has managed to keep the liberals whining evn more than thought possible. Frankly, he doesn't give a shit what the liberals think.
Whining liberal: You're an evil bastard; go have a heart attack!

Dick Cheney: Like I give a fuck...
by animatorStrike June 05, 2005
Our great and courageous Vice President.

Liberal fucktards hate him which makes me like him even more.
Dick Cheney is a fine American leader.
by Joe Blow February 02, 2005
The next president of the United States, the embodiment of excellency, a hero to the human race, a God among men, and a champion for freedom.
When God saw what a mess the world was, he sent Dick Cheney to save it.
by An American Patriot July 27, 2009
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