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The art of hurling the nearest problem out of a window.
Defenestration of a human out of a 30th story window has a vicious tendency to create a mess that the police are not to keen on cleaning up.
by lastoftheidiots July 22, 2006
1) A relaxing passtime when participated in in conjunction with your "friends."
2) An excuse to shoot someone.
"Let's play a game, we are quail hunting, i am the vice president, and you are my best friend!" -Carlos Mencia
by lastoftheidiots April 24, 2006
1)A mindless individual, we all know them. Usually they're the smart-ass kids who sit in front of you, the dumb-ass kids who sit behind you, or the kids who dont give a shit who sit somewhere inbetween.
The zombie who voted before me voted straight democrat.
by lastoftheidiots April 24, 2006
The man who Chuck Norris bows to.
The man who Dick Cheney shot apologized to the so-called vice president on live television.

(I dare you to look it up, it happened)
by lastoftheidiots April 24, 2006
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