An over priced old rock that gets you laid until the effect wears off. Bigger is better.
My girlfriend wouldn't have anal sex with me until I gave her a diamond ring.
by jam June 23, 2003
The perfect set of nice breasts, a well-groomed vagina, and an adequate mouth, forming a diamond shape on a female's body. This makes a girl doable, regardless of intelligence or face.
That girl was ugly last night, but she had a nice diamond!
by Nomnomnomglarp November 15, 2010
a stone that shines in a goat's ass
"You'll shine brighter than a diamond in a goat's ass!" yelled Coach Bill.
by barbeque86 April 05, 2010
well its a scene persons bees knees and they obsess with drawind diamonds and also wearing them=)
KirbyKilljoy:zomg babe that diamond is the sexx&&the shagg
CatieCatastrophey:I know niguh its the sexx!
by _kirbyKilljoy_ October 08, 2009
The gift she really wants.

1K studs are Three ninety-nine
I don't have any money
by LARSTAIT November 04, 2003
One of the female rappers of Crime Mob
Diamond's rhymes are sick in the song 2nd Look by Crime Mob
by B-Roc ya dig April 22, 2007
A brand of subwoofer.
"ridin top down with a diamond in the back"
by Timmy H December 18, 2005
1. Adj. Good, honourable.
2. Noun. A tablet of Viagra (or equivalent).
1. He's a diamond geezer.
2. Have you got any diamonds? I'm feeling a bit nervous about tonight.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003

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