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To describe when something is beyond cool, beyond ligit, or just precious.
"DUDEE! That jacket is sooo diamond;"

"Man, that girl Nina's so diamond..."

"Yeah then Mr. Rosenau totally fell down the stairs and smashed his face!"
"Hahahhaha, that's diamond."
by Crackkbaby February 13, 2008
This is for use when something is beyond brilliant!
"We was down the pub an this chav gets his tracksuit pants ripped off on this nail... he's standin there in his all-together with his London Pride innis hands... it was Diamond!"

"What? She said yes? Diamond m8!"
by George Friendly October 12, 2006
1. A male person that is flamboyantly homosexual.
2. A subliminal derogatory term used for male homosexuals.
3. Derived from the synonomous term that "a diamond is a girls best friend."
4. Originated in northern California in order to talk about homosexuals openly without sounding provokingly offensive.
That man is a 'diamond.'
by george March 24, 2005
Another word for bellend. Often used around public places so that it does not offend others.
*Laura falls into a cupboard*
Sheree: You're such a diamond!!!
by Shezeroo September 27, 2010
A kilo brick of pure cocaine, because of it's value and crystal looks.
Lyrics from "Out the Pound" by Lil' Wayne & Birdman:

We got the diamond in the back (Yea)
Tinted rolled up (Yea)
Blowin' out the pound
In a brand new truck
by Nickio December 04, 2007
a shiny rock
Joe: im thinking of giving my wife a diamond bracelet next christmas

Bob: wow, can u think that thats just a shiny rock
by onewhodies November 21, 2010
A very hard erection
"Dude I'm rock hard right now"
"Yo you got a mad diamond"
by dhoops August 19, 2009