A 5% lager made by manchester holts brewery that makes you pass out in the car park after only 6 pints. like old Stella - rocket fuel! Can be used to describe any lager that can knock you out for under £15
Mate i had 6 pints of diamond last night and i still cant feel my face

This polish stuff is strong - but it aint no diamond
by swazze July 07, 2009
The symbol flashed by members and fans of Roc-A-Fella records.
"Throw ya diamond in the sky if u feel the vibe."

Diamonds, Kanye West, Late Registration
by thesheik September 02, 2005
For anybody who has a penis, it's whenever you see something that makes you extremely erect/rock hard.
"Man, that doujinshi made me diamonds."
by tetsuhikokariya October 26, 2015
a shiny rock
Joe: im thinking of giving my wife a diamond bracelet next christmas

Bob: wow, can u think that thats just a shiny rock
by onewhodies November 21, 2010
A very hard erection
"Dude I'm rock hard right now"
"Yo you got a mad diamond"
by dhoops August 19, 2009
1. A male person that is flamboyantly homosexual.
2. A subliminal derogatory term used for male homosexuals.
3. Derived from the synonomous term that "a diamond is a girls best friend."
4. Originated in northern California in order to talk about homosexuals openly without sounding provokingly offensive.
That man is a 'diamond.'
by george March 24, 2005
Another word for bellend. Often used around public places so that it does not offend others.
*Laura falls into a cupboard*
Sheree: You're such a diamond!!!
by Shezeroo September 27, 2010
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