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The kind of logic that reasons from commonly accepted opinions to probable conclusions. It is distinguished from Analytic, which reasons from true and primary premises.
Dialectic is the generic name of the logic that governs the Socratic Method.
by Suhcnele February 03, 2011
24 5
bullshit you give your english teacher when he aske you to read a book and take notes
what i didn't do
by ben speaker February 02, 2004
6 12
1. Used to describe the illogical or false arguments of an opponent during a debate that are counter to your position and are spoken by the opponent to annoy, rather than to actually counter your argument.

2. Used to desribe the incessant complaining of a significant other, e.g. boyfriend/girlfriend, usually regarding your oft-immoral behaviour.
1. Stop feeding me that dialectic, asshole.

2. Yo, that bitch was giving me dialectic last night.
by GrantE January 17, 2007
3 10