Derby is the best city in the world. We may all shag sheep, but it's better than hugging trees (FOREST ARE SHIT). We've got the best stadium in the Championship, one of the best in the country. All of the birds are fitter than Nottingham's, Leicester's and Stoke's. Finally, Derby is the 6th most expensive city to live in. I wonder why, maybe becuase it's better than any of the cities below us (Nottingham = 18th).
Derby is in Derbyshire, situated west of Nottinghamshire, South of Yorshire, East of Staffordshire and Cheshire and North of Northamptonshire. Home of the best football team in England and one of the most well know clubs in the world.
by rams_at_heart August 01, 2005
Simply the best place in the world, with an ammmazin football team, (much better than f**est)
If i could choose one place to live, it would be somewhere as good as Derby
by Matt October 25, 2004
the wankest city in england an full of imigrants
hey im from derby" " so ur from afgan then?
by imnotfromderbymate December 06, 2010
The world's shittest place, only claim to fame is being next to Nottingham (The worlds best city) and having the team that got the lowest amount of points in a premier league season.

People residing in Derby (I.e London=Londoners) are known as sheep shaggers.

Also an extremely offensive word that isnt aloud to be said on British Television before the 9pm watershed, the bbc where fined a record amount after it was said on a live show.

Derby is also used as an alternative word to beastiality, particularly sheep/human beastiality.
"Lets go to Derby"
"Fuck that I would rather stick my testicles/tits in a blender"


"Your teams doing a bit of a derby"
"How dare you"

"Err I saw your mum doing derby with your dog"
"Im gonna knock you the fuck out"
by Robin Hoodie March 06, 2008
a place full of sheep shaggers
newton is one
by Bennett January 17, 2003
Redneck race
John ill see you at the derby
by Daking23 April 18, 2015

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