The end or "head" of the penis
Did you hear what happened to Bob? while trying to conceal a pistol down the front of his pants he accidently blew off his derby. What a shame.
by alfred q walrustitty April 10, 2007
the act of gratifying your inner urge when you are in need for a euphoria from the marijuana plant.
I am going to the derby today.
by Secretariet November 10, 2005
slang: Derby race, face
he was lying you could see it all over his derby
by Gads September 30, 2005
A type of retarded looking small hat, usually old people wear to hide thining hair,
grampy you scary in you derby
by T-izzle March 10, 2005

Virginia slang
Man, I'm not trying to sleep with her without a condom. I'll just hit her off for the derby and then split.
by Antoine December 13, 2004
Derby is an editing fiend, common to the JCF.
Derby: example edit.
by Trafton March 08, 2003
An editing fiend who likes to see his name in other peoples posts.
Hey, people.

Derby: Content edit
by [GpW]NinjA August 01, 2003

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