A highly prosecuted individual in the year 2560. Frequently hunted by Derby hunters i.e Josh, Ralph, and B. They like to enjoy 2 meals per sitting, jump down stairs, complain about halo and super smash brothers, and throw cards at you. If you kill a derby you are awarded many space credits. Pick up a copy of the Book of Derby by Josh and Ralphs super bookstore for more information.
B:Dude I shot that derby dead and got 2,500,000 space credits!

2. J: You are a derby
M: I know plz beat my ass.
#derby #homo #fag #bitch #pussy
by Josh Genocide March 12, 2008
Top Definition
The only City which is so boring and uninteresting that the first entries under its name are unrelated to the place.

A poor mans Nottingham which has an alarming affection for Sheep.
"Hey want to go into Derby tonight?"
"Id rather stick a fork in my eye"
#derby #boring #crap #nottingham #rams
by "Dave" February 02, 2007
a football match between two teams from the same city or area.
Man Utd v Man City (Manchester)
Arsenal v Chelsea (London)
Liverpool v Everton (Merseyside)
by International Bad Boy October 27, 2004
A football match between teams from the same city or region.
i.e.Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal
Rangers v Celtic
by KING YID February 21, 2005
a messed up way of saying "there boy", which is thought to be a saying from the east coast of Canada, but has not been proven as of yet.
person one: Hey man whats up?
person two: O hey der by! just raking some seaweed, you?
person one: what in the hell did you just say?
#boy #buddy #der bi #derby #girl #there boy #there girl
by seaweed man February 26, 2011
A city that is mainly fields, only made into a city because it was The Queen's silver jubilee and they didn't have anything else to do.
Graham: Shall we go to Derby?
Sarah: No, I've not got my walking boots on.
#east midlands #field #city #sheep #cows #countryside
by Foolishfool May 08, 2007
slang for a popular strain of Cannabis originating in the 1970's called "Durban Poison" (or Durban, named after the South African port city). As mentioned in the Puff Daddy & Mase song when Mase raps; "I be out in Jersey puffin hershey, cuz brothas ain't worthy to rock my derby."
Smokin' on that derby all day erry day.
#durban #durban poison #durby #durbin #durban poisin
by uknowwhatjunk July 19, 2014
A sly and polite way to say "head." Derived from the derby style of tophats. You put tophats on your head...thus, they become equated.
"Yo son I could go for some derby man."

"Hell yea let's go get some fez."
#head #brain #medulla #skull #face
by Anternam July 10, 2008
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