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noun, human detritus, esp. with perverse connotations.

Singular and plural are identical denoting a substance, as with water.
Phonetically it is a corrupted form of "debris" perhaps combined with "dirty", i.e. debris + dirty = derby.
1 - He couldn't help at first being repulsed by the crack-whore as he handed her the crumpled $10 bill, even though he knew he would be submerged in her rancid derby soon enough.

2 - She went back to work in the kitchen after using the bathroom without so much as washing the derby from her hands.
by hypomnesis October 06, 2009
26 24
A drinking game most popular at Austin College in Sherman, Tx. There are two teams of two, and each player has a can of beer. The beers are placed on a platform, such as a chair or box. Then the teams take turns throwing ping pong balls at the cans, like one would take turns throwing in beer pong. If you hit one of the opposing team's cans, you must drink your beer until they retrieve the ping pong ball and place it on the platform where their beer is and say, "Stop!" The first team to run out of beer wins.
Who wants to play some derby?
by Praetorian308 November 16, 2010
15 15
Nickname of the coolest kid in Frederick County, MD, who gets in the derby zone when intensely twisted. :) he name ees derby
Yo Derby, pass me the blunt nigga?
by derbyshire22 November 25, 2010
12 15
A sarcastic way of saying "cool." Also used to make fun of something/someone in a disguised way among friends.
Chris: Look at my new tight pants I got at Hot Topic.
Josh: Those are so derby dude!
by creegs March 26, 2009
9 14
A place in the East Midlands that is very undervalued. A good city to live in if you can be arsed to get up off your ass and actually do one of the many activities there are or join one of the many groups there are!
A: I come from Derby
B:I visited there once, it was shit.
A: Well then you are a lazy fuck who needs to be bothered to do stuff. Everywhere is the same if you don't get off ur sofa! fool
B: yer i guess i did just watch tv.silly me.
by Allentonite May 10, 2009
74 81
a gang full of women who like giving head.
the whole football team got chewed up by a derby.
by god is my judgement February 09, 2008
6 13
To be overwhelmingly intelligent. A Derby is likely to become an engineer, scientist, or local techie. Derby's are avid readers and sci-fi junkies. Look for one at the next star trek convention. A derby is also usually a pisces.
Einstein was a famous derby and a pisces.
by Derby J Armstead October 16, 2007
19 26