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A city name so common that is appeared in both "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and its sequel, Shock Treatment, as a generic every-town USA.

The most famous Denton is Denton, Texas, (pop. approx. 120,000), located about 30 miles NW of Dallas along I-35. Denton is home to renowned industry, great food, an infamous 1960s/1970s hippie population, Texas Woman's University, and most famously, the University of North Texas. Great bands have emerged from Denton's music scene (itself an offshoot of the UNT music school, one of the best in the nation), such as the Toadies, Baboon, Tripping Daisy, Polyphonic Spree, the Eagles, and Norah Jones.
UNT alum Norah Jones: Hey, how do I get to Denton?

UNT alum Paul Shaffer: Drive North on I-35 until civilization stops, the major highway goes down to two lanes, and you're convinced you're about to accidentally stumble into Oklahoma. Cross the Lewisville bridge, and ten minutes later you should be in Denton.

UNT alum Peter Weller: And five minutes after that you'll be past it.
by BourbonDictionary August 01, 2011
North American Soccer League. Originally America's first attempt at a professional soccer league, it was formed in 1968, peaking at 24 teams in the late 1970's, before folding from internal corruption in 1984.

A new NASL was formed in 2011, as a minor league offshoot of the MLS, with eight teams spread out from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to Puerto Rico.
lol WTF? No, I was asking if you wanted to go to a soccer game. Why would I ask your name? 420Toker tells me all I need to know.
by BourbonDictionary July 22, 2011
An NCAA conference formed in 2011, when the Pac-10 added Utah and Colorado, from the Mountain West Conference and Big 12 Conference, respectively.

Though receiving well-publicized invites over a year earlier, the two new schools officially joined on July 1st, 2011. The resulting 12-team conference was divided into two 6-team divisions, and rebranded the Pac-12.

The "PAC" stands for Pacific Athletic Conference, though it is also used as an abbeviation for "Pacific 12."

In 2012, the North Division will contain University of Oregon, Oregon State, University of Washington, Washington State, Stanford, and University of California at Berkley.

The South Division will be University of Arizona, Arizona State, University of Colorado, University of Utah, UCLA and USC.
Mickey: The Pac-12? What happened to the Pac-10?

Vicki: Maybe we should've been watching sports instead of having sex.
by BourbonDictionary July 22, 2011
The geographic area around and about the Northeastern United States, often characterized by directness in conversation and lack of extraneous chit-chat. People not from this area think the locals to be rude, with the term originating as a variation on pre-existing geographical designations within the U.S., such as the Rust Belt, Sun Belt, or Bible Belt.
Directions in the Rust Belt:
A: Hi! Can you tell me how do we get to Grand Rapids?
B: Sure can, been living here all my life. The freeway is just up the road a bit... Hey, where you from?
A: Oh, Florida originally.
B: Really? I got a cousin lives in Tampa.
A: Oh yeah? What part?
(...etc. etc.)

Directions in the Rude Belt:
A: Hi, excuse me, how do I get to Boylston Street?
B: See that stoplight? Go down six blocks, take a right. Go two more blocks. Bye!
by BourbonDictionary September 08, 2011
An NCAA conference, but also the mountainous region of the the Mountain Time Zone in the mid-western US, stretching from Idaho, down through Colorado, and into Arizona and New Mexico.

The athletic conference was formed in 1999, from a number of schools leaving the WAC; all stayed until 2011 when realignment elsewhere caused several MWC schools to move up or move out.
In 2012, the Mountain West Conference (or MWC) line-up will be Boise State, San Diego State, Air Force Academy, Colorado State, University of Wyoming, University of New Mexico, UNLV, University of Nevada, and Fresno State in all sports, with University of Hawaii as a football-only member.
by BourbonDictionary July 22, 2011

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