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A torrent site. The best one ever and kicks The Pirate Bay's ass! Invites and random open registrations. If you don't belong to Demonoid, you should be jealous that you aren't
I wish I was a member of Demonoid because everyone on there is so cool, and they have the best torrents ever.
by Snipazer June 20, 2007
Once was the greatest torrent site ever. Had almost every torrent you could want without any leechers and a forum where request were really easy. Got shut down by the CRIA (Canadian equivalent of RIAA) because demonoid's hosting company was being a pussy, even though demonoid didn't actually host anything illegal or do anything wrong(see torrent).
Dude A: Hey im downloading a new version of linux from demonoid!
Dude B: Wrong! Demonoid doesn't actually host any files besides .torrent. They basically give your computer directions where to get it.
Dude A: So they don't have any files, and therefore, haven't done anything illegal?
Dude B: Yep.
by Flemmyd December 09, 2007
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