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to give someone an orgasm. look at get my rocks off
i'd get your rocks off.
by hippy2981 December 28, 2005
The stubble a clean shaven man gets at the end of the day, normally at five o’clock in the evening.
#1: You look tired.
#2: Nah. This is just the five o’clock shadow.
by hippy2981 November 08, 2006
Lethologica is a psychological disorder where in an individual temporarily forgets key words, phrases or names in conversation.
Dumb: You know the word for when you can’t remember a particular word but you know what it represents?
Dumber: No. What’s the word?
Dumb: I can’t remember.
Dumb & Dumber: (laughter)

by hippy2981 June 27, 2007
n. Inability to blog regularly.
n. Inability to think of anything to blog about.
It's been quite a while since I blogged about anything and I have the feeling of blogstipation.
by hippy2981 March 14, 2006
In Indian language (Hindi), a person who is constitutionally incapable of shutting-the-fuck-up!
You are constitutionally incapable of shutting-the-fuck-up! You are a fucking "pir pir".

Ref: Barris (A Scanner Darkly)
by hippy2981 November 07, 2006
A word, with a tinge of punjabi accent, to describe a person (mostly female) who has pink complexion especially a white person.

This word was made famous by Aamir Khan in the movie "Rang de Basanti".
"Arre ise to Hindi aati hai," by Aamir directed towards Alice "gulabo" Payton.
by hippy2981 February 02, 2006
The act of carrying alcoholic liquor at restricted places.

tr.v. brown-bagged, brown-bag·ging, brown-bags.
We got liquor from the regular speakeasy and went driving and brown-bagging all over the city.
by hippy2981 November 08, 2006

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