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Once was the greatest torrent site ever. Had almost every torrent you could want without any leechers and a forum where request were really easy. Got shut down by the CRIA (Canadian equivalent of RIAA) because demonoid's hosting company was being a pussy, even though demonoid didn't actually host anything illegal or do anything wrong(see torrent).
Dude A: Hey im downloading a new version of linux from demonoid!
Dude B: Wrong! Demonoid doesn't actually host any files besides .torrent. They basically give your computer directions where to get it.
Dude A: So they don't have any files, and therefore, haven't done anything illegal?
Dude B: Yep.
by Flemmyd December 09, 2007
a company that various media companies hired to try to stop pirates and torrents. Should be under investigation by the USA because their business practices are straight illegal. Examples of their bullshit below:
Guy A: check out this cool website to get movies! www.miivi.com rocks!
Guy B: bullshit! its ran by some company called MediaDefender! They just wanna log your IP address and hit your with a lawsuit later!
Guy A: shit!

Awesome piratebay admin: god damn, these same IP addresses keep trying to denial-of-service attack our system.
Other awesome piratebat admin: check these leaked emails. says companies like the MPAA hired MediaDefender to fuck with our systems. And those bastards seem to like Dominoes Pizza.

Downloader A: i wanna try and get Jay-Z's new album. i think i download this torrent.
*20 minutes later*
Downloader A: shit, its just a bunch of ads for Coca-cola and some concert footage. Some fucker must be mislabeling these torrents and spreading them all over the internet.

(all shit MediaDefender has done)
by Flemmyd December 09, 2007
a website dedicated to showing lots of news related to torrents and filesharing. Fairly mediocre, but it is the only website that bothers to gather all the information in one place.
Dude A: did the piratebay say they were gonna do something new with their tracker?
Dude B: i duno. check torrentfreak.com i guess.
by Flemmyd December 09, 2007

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