The Covenant term for a Spartan.
"The demon is dead, by my hands!" -Elite after killing the Master Chief

"Kill the demon!" -Prophet of Truth upon Master Chief's being teleported into High Charity
by an elite July 02, 2009
the dark part of your mind,the crawling nagging feeling somethings wroung,inner bad feelings
i have to break my inner demons to move on ...
by mikey1969 February 07, 2008
Animal representation of the soul of a person from another dimension with whom they can communicate. From the "His Dark Materials" series by Phillip Pullman.
Lyra's Demon is a ferret named Pantalaimon
by Jace Schindler May 01, 2010
Something bad that follows me around and doesn't allow me to focus.
Demons follow me around constantly
by Darkmonk September 23, 2003
In roleplay terms of Shadow, It is a powerful race known to cause much destruction. There are 2 types of demons.

1) Full Demon-Demons that can control themselves and their actions. Choose their own paths in live.

2) Dirtblood-Mindless
Zidane is the most powerful Full Demon known in history!
by Finnish Dude May 08, 2005
1. To creep so well that the person is virtually invisible as they move anywhere.
That bitch just demon'd all the way to his house with a QP of dro!
by SPrinkZ October 12, 2007
They infest me, waiting to come out, infest more. Must free my body and mind of evil before tainted for life. You're all infested to, and for some of you, its too late. Others can still free their mind of it.
The demon infests...
by Zach G. November 14, 2003

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