A evil bastard that did something wrong. Opposite of angel.
"Mommy, mommy, look at the demon!"
"No, Johnny, that is a bull."
by Kikaider June 27, 2003
Two words: Blair Galliber. Unlike the lippo, the demon known as Blair, is retarded, stupid, ugly, and has a very loud voice. She also feasts on others by hurting them intentionally for no reason. Probably one of the worst creatures in the world - Blair/Demon. Also thinking that she is hotter than a Sports Illistrated Swimsuit model.
The Demon hurt me with her screeching.
by Fo' shizzle March 19, 2005
10. Derived from Dime. What dub is to 20, demon is to 10. Used when talking about a $10 bill or Dime bag of herb.
Whaddup, you got the demon?
by Craig Bezzle April 21, 2004
a skinny prepubescant boy who trash talks others before owning it up
demon HAX
by a bloody victim March 21, 2003
word used when angry, substitute for "shit" or "fuck"
derived from films in spanish, when a character is upset he yells demonios instead of the spanish equivalent to "shit" or "fuck", {demonios means demons}
"demons", after something that upset you.

"demons! I can't believe that just happened"

by kingofsd May 02, 2007
also known as a dime bag. of weed
yo man, can you get me a demon?
by hobbit March 03, 2004
An extremely hot woman
"god, that chick is demon".
by Acejetman January 21, 2007

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