A beautiful girl which every boy is chasing after; intelligent; Loving; desired; caring; graceful; honest; trustworthy; humble; bashful. A Delaney will allways be loved. Sometimes a Delaney apologizes more than necissary and feels nervous and guilty very easily but she means no harm. Delaney is amazing.
"Oh I wish I was more like Delaney"

"Delaney is the most amazing girl I have ever seen"

"I love Delaney"
by Jenny Ily Cusack January 03, 2010
Top Definition
A writer, a true person, a book berd, listens to great music, loves Harry Potter, has a hot boyfriend, great style without trying, everyone's friend, beautiful girl, amazing girl, awesome girl, resides in a small town, lovable, all around magnificent.
Man that girl is really a Delaney.
by Molly June 17, 2006
A book nerd, a dancer, a writer, someone with great style, someone that is the start of many crushes, has great friends, has great taste in music, is extremely pretty, is breathtaking, is humourous, lives in a small town, and is all around brilliant.
You are in all ways a Delaney.
by Spunkzy<3 November 09, 2007
A pretty, sexy girl who is extremely funny. she lives in a smallish town. many guys like her, and she's very easy to like. she likes to read and write and has a HOT boyfriend. she's really cool and has many many friends.
Delaney = the sex
by whateveryoulike July 20, 2009
A sweet girl who everybody likes. She is kinda popular but gets along with everybody. She is a cheerleader and loves it! Has only had a few boyfriends but likes alot of guys. Most likely has liked a specific guys for at least 3 years! She is beautiful, smart, hyper, but an amazing person who is every guys dream!!
Ohhh look it's Delaney she's so kind!!!!
by Cheerchick200 February 09, 2010
A B.A.M.F.ing Irish girl whose name usually means "descendant of the challenger". She will destroy you both mentally and physical. She will not hesitate to leave cerebral damage. Her heart is black. She will, She will, Rock you.
"Dude Delaney just walked by and my brain hurts!

"She just rocked the shit outta you dude!"
by sully17 January 26, 2010
A really cool girl with natural brown hair. She loves partying and dancing her heart out. Most guys love to hang out with her and some can't stay away. A Delaney is a girl who has big crushes that last a long time. She doesn't usually get the guys she wants, but sometimes can get guys she at first thought she wasn't interested in.
You are totally a Delaney
I can't believe it! You act just like a Delaney!
by adventuretimefan#123456777 November 13, 2011
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