Delaney is a crazy person but she will always be loved. She has many friends and is never very serious. Delaney is beautiful even though she doesn't believe it. Her best friend is trouble and sometimes causes problems in their relationship but she is always there for her anyways. Delaney is a major bitch sometimes, but in a good way. She is from California and you can definitely tell. No one is better than Delaney.
OMG see that girl over there wearing the I Love Cali t shirt? She is definitely a Delaney!
by that_konklay_chick December 11, 2012
The most perfect human being alive. She is a total boss and will always make your day. Her smile brightens the room, her hair is naturally and beautifully blonde, and her eyes are the deepest blue you will ever see. Not to mention she's totally hot but too modest to admit it. She's the kind of girl that makes you feel lucky to have. (Did I mention she's hot?)
Wow, there's Delaney. What a total boss! You sound like Delaney
by Your secret admireere January 10, 2013
A dancer,someone with great style,a person who starts many crushes. She has a great taste in music and friends. Lives in a small town and has long brown hair. Delaney is extremely pretty and doesn't know it. Very skinny and loves to be with her friends. Delaney is an all around great person.
Why are u such a delaney?
by Josh4926572 January 02, 2015
Amazing sweet girl with blonde hair and has a sweet smile. She doesn't smile much. She makes friends so easily and is really athletic and pretty.
"I wish I was Delaney, she is so cool."
by lovepup0130 January 07, 2014
First things thing's first she's the realest. "Beautiful" doesn't even do her justice because she's just that perfect. She makes the worst days wonderful and is the most genuine person anyone has ever had the pleasure of meeting. She's a bit neurotic but it just adds to her charm. She helps the people she surrounds herself with and they do their best to help her back. She could make you laugh at a funeral and make it totally tasteful. She's intelligent, passionate about the things she likes, and always there for her friends so long as they listen to her vent once in awhile.she's the best friend anyone's ever had.
Delaney's the bomb
by Not Winchester June 14, 2015
A very nice and cute girl. She always looks to the bright side of things and tries to make everyone happy. But she's too obsessed with Harry Potter and some music and sometimes criticizes people.
Stop being a Delaney to me about Harry Potter.
by By the Point May 21, 2009
a type of pasta
lets have some delaney and cheese
by maderthanyou April 28, 2009

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