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Delaney is a crazy person but she will always be loved. She has many friends and is never very serious. Delaney is beautiful even though she doesn't believe it. Her best friend is trouble and sometimes causes problems in their relationship but she is always there for her anyways. Delaney is a major bitch sometimes, but in a good way. She is from California and you can definitely tell. No one is better than Delaney.
OMG see that girl over there wearing the I Love Cali t shirt? She is definitely a Delaney!
by that_konklay_chick December 11, 2012
a fuckin sexy bitch that will do anything for someone that she loves usually has a great ass and gives good head.
a freak
damn that girl was a delaney last night
by thelovermuthafucka August 16, 2008
Amazing sweet girl with blonde hair and has a sweet smile. She doesn't smile much. She makes friends so easily and is really athletic and pretty.
"I wish I was Delaney, she is so cool."
by lovepup0130 January 07, 2014
A sexy girl with nice titts and a firm butt she is amazing in bed but will not show her boobs in a video chat so dont try
Delaney is sexy
by Jolly White Giant June 18, 2013
A very nice and cute girl. She always looks to the bright side of things and tries to make everyone happy. But she's too obsessed with Harry Potter and some music and sometimes criticizes people.
Stop being a Delaney to me about Harry Potter.
by By the Point May 21, 2009
noun or verb

Is a curmudgeonly gate keeper of the old guild. One who would rather push his/ her personal agenda before that of those he has been elected to serve. He typically preys on small towns with struggling economies, and lives in fear of those he's created personal vendettas against. He's also known for having a giant labia.
"He got straight Delaney'd"

"He Delaney'd his way to the top"
by ThomasCresap July 06, 2010
has great taste for music and style. He is the one best friend that u want to love. he is hot and funny. he is a super hot boyfriend and good at kissing
that boy is a delaney
by loveshim15 May 29, 2009