A beautiful girl, usually from a small town. She's smart, humble, funny, weird, nurturing and a little indecisive (don't worry, it's cute). She loves all the coolest stuff: beer, good music, science-y shit. She's exactly the sort of person you want to know. If you meet one, don't lose her.
I can't stop thinking about this Delaney.
by KodyH October 15, 2015
Delaney is what Tyler think is a perfect girl only one Tyler will ever get to see a Delaney this perfect
Tyler I think that's your Delaney
by MyDelaney September 06, 2015
a fuckin sexy bitch that will do anything for someone that she loves usually has a great ass and gives good head.
a freak
damn that girl was a delaney last night
by thelovermuthafucka August 16, 2008
A stupid, but funny, hoe bag bitch. She is a cheerleader for a small town. She will always have a lady boner for Chandler Riggs. She has long blonde hair. And is stupid
Wow that Delaney is such a hoe.
by Samstur1999 December 13, 2015
A sexy girl with nice titts and a firm butt she is amazing in bed but will not show her boobs in a video chat so dont try
Delaney is sexy
by Jolly White Giant June 18, 2013
has great taste for music and style. He is the one best friend that u want to love. he is hot and funny. he is a super hot boyfriend and good at kissing
that boy is a delaney
by loveshim15 May 29, 2009
to shart in a crew boat in the middle of the piece. Usually makes it harder to breath for other rowers. This can cause unwanted results for the fellow rowers, and the boat as a whole.
Jermey:"Dude, ben just pulled a delaney."
Josh(in response to Jermey):"OH MY JESUS,I can't breath, help, I can't pull!"
by Aharding96 October 24, 2010
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