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To do something which spoils a mood/atmosphere/occasion.

See also defunked

Has no connection with the adverts on this site.
"Don't defunk my good nature, Billy!"
by Goffboy's Dictionary on Life January 10, 2006
To fix. To clean up. To remove funky, nasty,or unknown particles or debris.
I defunked my hair brush. I defunked my kitchen, bathroom etc.
by Cheri` Trigg December 11, 2008
strait up sex. use it how you may.
becarful not to say it around doppelgangers,
los mexicanos and Steve.
they might just get a little dirrtay.
Boy: Wanna defunk?
Girl: I'm down.
Steve: Sex me up babyy!
by bobby capps. December 18, 2006