A word used By Alfredo, to display sincear, approval and agreement.
"Hey so Jon we should hang tonight"
by Alfredo December 08, 2003
Top Definition
DEFCON 5 Normal peacetime readiness
DEFCON 4 Normal, increased intelligence and strengthened security measures
DEFCON 3 Increase in force readiness above normal readiness
DEFCON 2 Further Increase in force readiness, but less than maximum readiness
DEFCON 1 Maximum force readiness.
The nuclear bomb threat put us in defcon 1.
by deadmanwalking May 03, 2005
A hacker convention located in Las Vegas every summer where people go to:
1: Learn about the latest computer vulnerabilities, exploits, mods, and hacks.
2: Participate in (generally) computer related contests such as Capture the Flag, Wardriving, Wi-Fi Shootout, Scavenger Hunt, and Spot the Fed.
2: Get trashed and hang out with fellow geeks.
"Defcon, where you walk in a n00b, and walk out a 1337 HaXX0R!!1!eleven."
"Dude, we actually got some depleted uranium for the scavenger hunt for 80 points!"
"During PoolCon, I got soooo shitfaced and made out with one of the haxxxor girls.... or at least I think it was one of them."
by Factor January 24, 2005
Stands for "defecation condition" - a play off of the government acronym for "defense condition". Refers to the varying, and usually scaling, levels of severity relating to an impending bowel movement. The direction of the sliding scale varies from user to user, but typical usage labels Defcon 1 as the least urgent, and Defcon 5 as an imminent expulsion (the opposite of the defense department's usage).
Dude, I was at Defcon 5 and nearly shit my pants. Luckily we drove by a Carl's Jr. and I was able to drop a load.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
An upcoming game from Introversion Software, based on the movie War Games.
Defcon will probably appeal to a wide audience.
by BSUmerc January 30, 2006
Defcon is a famous hacker. He is member of the hacking group called "Anonymous".

In April 2011 he took apart in hacking playstation network, and in November 2010 he attacked over 3000 websites at once.

His identity is currently unknown.


by Cadjenovic January 19, 2012
When a woman is having her period and you want to warn other males about it you say Def Con.
Mom: Timmy!!!! Clean your fothermucking room!!!!!!
Timmy: What the hells with mom?
Bobby: Def Con
Timmy: Ohh. Thanks.........sure mom.....i love you!
by Jonathan McDoodi May 20, 2008
A result from smokin the giggles and being all sorts of giggled up and the stages vary from 1- whatever level of giggled you are!
CH, I am defcon 40 right now...
by Bunny561 January 25, 2011
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