1)A sarcastic way of saying you don't care
Can you give me 50 dollars?
I can give u deez nuts.
by Mariah's definition's 😜 October 25, 2015
What came in the mail today.
Person 1: "something came in the mail today."
Person 2: "what?"
Person 1: "deez nuts! HAH, got em! Got em!"
by Anya Braginski July 19, 2015
the best phrase ever, especially when used to tool females
Snoop: Yeah, so you want it on CD or on tape?
Host: How about a CD?
Snoop: CD? Well, CDeez nuts!
Host: Alright, well how about a tape?
Snoop: Tape huh? Aight, you can tape DEEZ NUTS to your CHIN.
by boom boom b July 19, 2004
a sarcastic but funny expression used to annoy someone
''hey what can I eat for dinner tonight'
"you can eat deez nuts"
by kayla janae October 24, 2015
A creative joke to play on your fellow man.
1.have you seen D
2.d who
2.your an asshole
by Mr Bootleg June 09, 2004
A Word that a drunk kid used and is now quite famous over Deez Nuts
This Is Deez Nuts
via giphy
by Jimmy Bop Poop December 15, 2015
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