a harsh insult
Chav 1: ur face looks like a baboons ass
Nerd: begins to cry
Chav 2: *laughing* deep man, deep
by DJ Jim-E August 16, 2009
Traveling wit a large group of people.
We was rollin' deep at the movies, we was wit hella people!!
by myesha July 12, 2005
When one individual responds to a sarcastic statement with retaliation and takes it way too far.
A. Hey whats that food? looks like roadkill.

B. Atleast I can cook. Dude your just so fat because your lazy and all you eat is pizza and chips and burgers and waffles and pancakes and candy. Why don't you sort yourself out before having a go at anyone else? hypocrite.

A. ...Deep! God damn you always take it too far!
by tomtomthepipersson May 24, 2009
1.) lots of depth, complex.
2.) profound
3.) to describe number of people
1.) this Dre beat is deep man.
2.) This book I'm reading for Ethics is deep.
3.) Well, we rolled 20 deep to the party.
by boom boom b July 19, 2004
a.When an event happens, for example, a statement is declared, and it fits the situation too perfectly to be a coincidence. A noticeable pattern emerges.

b. Someone says something that unintentionally reveals much more information about themselves that you didn't necessarily want to know.

c. Intense and philosophical.
Deep is relevant to individual happenings, usually when flirting with someone.
by Elizabethdmy April 08, 2010
years dating "4 deep"

people at a location
"15 deep"
by s.leigh February 12, 2010
Someone who niether writes nor understands poetry, will use the term "Deep" to describe a poem.
Bob: (In reference to a poem) "What do you think of the line: "You're a mouse with no whiskers"
Jake: "Yeah, dude, It's like super deep!"
Bob: "You don't get it, do you?"
Jake: "Yeah I do, It's just super deep!"
by Joseph LaRocca June 11, 2008

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