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Music that is intellectually challenging and thus superior to your average radio garbage.
Opeth is too deep for you.
by corkhead0 March 26, 2009
2 5
deep means good or wickid
conor: yo jay u seen my mans new whip ?

jay: yeah man its deep get me cuz
by bad gyal tugz February 23, 2008
4 7
to tell someone to leave; to sleep; to exit; to take one's leave; to insult one's uncommon remark.
"I'm ready to go. I'm bout to deep outta here."
"Man I'm tired. I'm bout to deep!"
Man #1-"Why did the chicken cross the road?"
Man #2-"Why?"
Man #1-"To get to the other side of the road!!!"
Man #2-"Nigga Deep!"
by Cpoptart33 March 21, 2007
12 15
Now used as a verb, mostly in a sexual connotation. To put the full length of one's member into another person.
Deep her mouth. Deep her slit.
by Kurt_Donald_Cobain August 19, 2006
16 19
A large crowd of hot chicks at a location
You walk in a club and there are more hot chicks than usual you say "This place is Deep!"
by Shananagins January 18, 2008
1 5
1 - word heavy, hectic. something very good.
2- also used in place of "interesting" when something isn't so good
3- okay or really? used when no other appropriate words available. Also used to mean profound when in this context.
1 - "This tune is deep. For real"
2- "What did you think of my singing?"
"Er, yeah... It was... deep"
3- "I just got mugged."
"That's deep"
by real-i-o August 08, 2003
44 48
Something that makes you think; more than 1 meaning
yo..... that new track is deep
by Merzadunn June 02, 2003
20 24