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used as an adjective to describe something in an over-exagerated meaning that emphasizes the strong liking for something. An adjective describing taste, look, feel of an object. It can be used to describe the level of favorability towards something. Can mean the excess of something.
"O, that girl is deep"(meaning she is good looking)., "This soda tastes deep"(the soda tastes good)., "This hamburger is too deep"(meaning the hamburger might be too much to eat)., "Thats deep"(meaning "thats sweet")., "We got real deep last night"(speaking out of context: we got really drunk last night)
by wehrlebird March 23, 2009
16 16
used in many ways meaning a long ways away
"ihave to go back to gresham" "Damn fool thats deep"
by erik sterp March 08, 2008
2 2
When something/someone is harsh and cold towards someone/something else
Yo man that was well deep when you slaped james round the head with a bin! Man, I hope 'Tasha don't find out, she's got a thing for him!
by Jesus Godd December 22, 2006
10 10
London slang for something being very good or highly admirable
Trus, dem Air Max 90's are too DEEP blud
by Lazy Dizzle November 05, 2011
0 1
used to describe minor or vast tragedy.
deep ones!

guy#1: dude, I lost my oyster card...
guy#2: ...deep...

a small child licks their icecream off the cone and it falls to the ground

observer - 'deep!'
by thats deep brov! February 15, 2009
6 7
1- To praise something, to say something is hectic
2- To roll in gangs of large numbers
1- Emcee: Ay man you heard my new song?
Friend: Yeah man that sound was deep
2- You shoulda seen us last night man, about 20 of us in the city. You know we roll deep!
by Tuley May 04, 2007
2 3
brave,heroic,cool,fashonable,interesting,right all the time,amazing
wow you are just like deep
by flubberbottem J. doofensmerts August 09, 2009
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