A word people use, specificaly in Oakville Ontario, as a substitute for down
Not as in the opposite of up, but as in saying im down with that
Ryan:yo, u dee for that party tonight?
Dan: Yeah man, im so dee.
by YousAChateAss November 15, 2008
Radio and television personality Rick Dees. Famous for the song "Disco Duck".
Who's Rick Dees? DEES NUTS!
by 50 cent crack dealer August 06, 2003
Short for D.W. which is short for Don't Worry which is short for Do not worry.

In other words 'Dee' is an abbrieviation of 'Don't Worry'
Person 1: Did you hear that I'm going to die?
Person 2: Dee
by Lucaio July 10, 2008
so annoying ... perverted, fucked up, and no one likes him!
i hate dee!
a girl who is delusional for liking another guy who all the normal girls HATE
a girl who goes to my school is definately dee.
by littleitaly7995 January 03, 2008
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