An onomatopoeia of smiling with teeth showing. For added effect, one can say "Dee" as they start smiling.
I'm so happy that I'm smiling with glee. "Dee"
by Zott April 03, 2006
Plural of the word "Dee." It can reffer either to D cup bras...or rather what they contain, or it refers to a slang term for the male genitalia. This word is often thrown into sentances for no apperent reason.
Person 1: hey how you doing?
Person 2: Good how, about you?
Person 1: Quite well thank you, what did you do today
Person 2: well I we--
Person 3: (interrupting) Dees!
Person 1 & 2: .....was that really necessary?
by don't toch me there October 29, 2010
Dee (n.) 'dee'
1) A close companion. See dude
2) skater-term coined by Viva La Bam's Chris Raab known as Raab
Friend1: eyyyy Dee
Friend2: eyyyyyyyyyyyyy Dee
by Codename.Dalit August 02, 2005
When a child is bored and uses the word "Dees" as code for an excuse to leave a situation.
"Yo mom ima go dees"
"Aight sucka peace"
by KADD TAB January 21, 2008
(dē) - Slang, Adj, Abv
Used to describe something or someone that is disgusting, dirty, disturbing, detestable, etc.
"Eww, now that is dee!"

"Kerra is the dee'ist of dee if dee is really dee, so"

"Are you dee?"
by broshot February 08, 2010
a stupid, pointless urban joke that if you respond to it the person telling the joke will say "these nuts"
John: Yo, Tony! Dee was lookin' for you yesterday
Tony: Dee who?
John: These nuts!
Tony: That's Homo! why are his nuts lookin' for me?
by Peepingtam July 16, 2011
Dee's is a nickname for girls who has Double D sized breasts.
Girls that are called Dee's are usually abit easy and like male attention.
Damn dat bitch got some fine Dee's.

Dee's likes gettin fucked by Meat Heads.

Shandy: "Did you and Dee's hook up?"
Stiggy: "Yeh blad, i throatfucked her"
Shandy: "Safe"
by dizzee moo August 05, 2008
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