A great genre of music that fuses metalcore with death metal. Though it is a great form of self-empowering music, deathcore fans are often falsely accused of being "scene fags" by haters who don't know what they are talking about.
Deathcore fan: "Man I miss Mitch Lucker. Suicide Silence is one of the best deathcore bands and now their vocalist is dead"
Douchebag: "You're a scene fag. Why would you listen to this?!"
Deathcore fan: "Actually I just have a different musical taste. Why would you waste your time judging and posting negative comments on YouTube?"
Douchebag: "I need to get a life..."
#scene fag #metalcore #death metal #vocalist #suicide silence
by bluntnickel June 24, 2014
Emo that has evolved just a tiny bit from talking about killing themselves, to bringing out their frustration with their parents and their small genitalia stolen from what used to be brutal lyrical themes from death metal.

Calling this shit "metal" and calling yourself a "metalhead" when you like any deathcore or deathcore influenced bands is completely wrong, and you are completely gay.
Go listen to real metal. Faggots.
"Deathcore is shit"
"Did you see those gay scene emo faggots listening to that shit deathcore?"
"'bree bree rape' LoL look how kewl i am because i like emos that can squeel like pigs and play grade 1 on their instruments"
#deathcore #shit #emo #scene #faggot #die #blowjob for a gayboy
by Death2shitcore February 05, 2009
Deathcore... a music created when Death Metal meets Metalcore. Though many believe hardcore has nothing to do with Deathcore, this is not true, for the fact that Metalcore is a main factor of Deathcore, and Metalcore is a fusion on Hardcore meets Metal, thus is the results of breakdowns and shout outs. Though many believe "TRUE" Death Metal is more complex than Deathcore makes no sense. Both feed off their own sounds of punishment, it's only a matter of what you want to hear. Both are technical, so there shouldn't be any hate towards any of them for the lack of "what i like". And if you don't like the Hardcore/Metalcore influences in Deathcore, don't hate, shut it off and shut up, listen to straight Death Metal.
Deicide + Age Of Ruin = Deathcore
#death core #metalcore #death metal #black metal #hardcore
by capt go eff yourself April 16, 2010
Absolute shit. Nothing else really needs to be said.

Deathcore is a genre that blends metalcore with death metal. Metal is overused and there's really no balance of influences in this subgenre of hardcore. Breakdowns are used accessively (sp?) and the key signature is impossible to tell.
Dude 1: "Dude Oceano is so fucking brutal. That pit was a fucking war zone. I love never having fun cuz I'm so edge dude."

Dude 2: "Yeah if you like breakdowns every other measure and completely uncomprehendable lyrics. Listen to real metal faggot. Death Metal+ Metalcore = shit. Not deathcore"
#oceano #all shall perish #bring me the horizon #sounds like queef #my balls sound better
by the dude2.0 December 10, 2009
Deathcore is a term that's tossed around a lot by people who really don't understand what it is. Technically, it's Death Metal fused with MetalCore; but to be honest, labeling a band as Deathcore or Death Metal can vary depending on the song you listen to.

People consider Deathcore a shitty subgenre, but in reality, it's not even a real thing. Kids that use the term Deathcore usually have the music education of a first grader with downs syndrome.

BOTTOM LINE- DeathCore is a term used by music elitists to separate music that they don't like from the genre that they listen to.

See the example
All Shall Perish can be considered Deathcore or Death Metal depending on what song you listen to.

Sure, they have breakdowns, but labeling them in an entirely different genre for one 9 second segment of a song is ridiculous.

#deathcore #death core #death metal #metalcore #metal core
by lolfapnig April 11, 2010
the term itself doesnt exist- it was made up by a bunch of bored 13 year olds huffing on computer cleaner, and enough retards actually took it to be an actual genre. bands routinely ignore/disown the term.
I dont do examples, find out for yourself (deathcore)
#deathcore #deathxcore #deathcorexxx #lame #styupid
by mnfknvkjfvnjkfvnjfdnvfdkjvnkf; February 06, 2010
The name "true" metalheads give to new metal bands that don't have any musical similarities other than the use of breakdowns.
Oh yeah Suffocation uses breakdowns...
True Metalhead: Suicide Silence is emo.
Deathcore dude:When did having long hair and massive beards become emo?

Guy 1:Job for a Cowboy is scene.
Guy 2:Dude you really are just jealous that you're death metal band sucks, aren't you?

Dude:Waking the Cadaver is bullshit, they should stop!
Other dude: Yes, yes they should.
#death metal #modern death metal #job for a cowboy #suicide silence #carnifex #whitechapel #poser
by Glen Benton is awesome July 19, 2010
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