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A label that is given to sub genre of metal and metalcore. The term is subjective, and over used. Any video on youtube of a "deathcore" band wil have an argument of if the band is deathcore or not. Being a fan of bands like Behemoth which has had a few break downs (i.e "The Reign ov Shemsu - Hor") And Hell Followed With, and Fleshgod Apocalypse. I like both categorizes of music and i think their is talent in both genres. I don't like the term deathcore, its used by elitist who feel the need to categorize music even further and label the fans as "scene kids". People categorize deathcore as having breakdowns, blast beats pig squeals, and guttural vocals.
douchebag: Hey bro most of those deathcore bands suck, and have no talent.

Guy2: have you ever listened to any besides suicide silence, and BMTH? Try Whitechapel, or Despised Icon their acctually good.

douchebag: NAW man thats pussy HXC, scene fag shit!

Guy2: your an idiot
by ov black July 29, 2011
Deathcore is the equivalent of metalcore and death metal mixed into a SHITFUCK of blast beats, excruciatingly brutal vocals, and breakdowns so fucking hardcore that Ethiopian children gain enough strength to headbang to them. Somehow is labeled as a scene genre of music due to the increasing number of scene kids claiming to be huge deathcore fans. It is highly confused with post-hardcore, which I don't fucking see the possibility for considering deathcore is about 5000x better than post-hardcore.
Scene kid: Omggggg I luv deathcore it's so br00tal

Real deathcore fan: Name a deathcore band that isn't Suicide Silence, Chelsea Grin, or Whitechapel.

Scene kid: ummmmmm idk LOL but still metal 4 lyf \m/
by deathcoreobsessedmuhfucka February 10, 2014
Deathcore is not an exact crossbreed between Death Metal and Metalcore. It still is largely Metalcore in its character. The fact that Deathcore features breakdowns, palm muting, blastbeats, death grunts, pig squeals, shrieks and screams entails in people wrongly understanding it to be Death Metal. Nonetheless, breakdowns are now widely accepted as being representative of Deathcore and not as much Death Metal which was established by bands like Dying Fetus as being a characteristic of Death Metal. An easy method of distinguishing between Deathcore and Death Metal would be to consider the lyrical content. Death Metal discusses gore, bloodshed, murder, rape etc. to vulgar lengths while Deathcore features no such references in its songs. Another thing to consider is the sound - this is the tricky part and it may lead to some falsely believing Deathcore to be Technical Death Metal due to its speed and frequent key changes. Deathcore tends to sound very disorganised and monotonous due to its formulaic approach towards music.
I don't take pride in being a fan of Deathcore. Besides, it attracts a lot of posers.
by Cockless Fucker May 26, 2008
A genre of music that is a very poor combination of deathmetal and metalcore. Very few bands within the genre actually have any musical talent or experience. Every song ever written in the genre has annoying screams and pig squeals, chugging on one chord throughout the entire song, constant crashing of a china symbol on drums, and exact same song structures. All fans that listen to this genre wear womens clothes, are too pussy to mosh so they hardcore dance, and are just emo faggots who fail at being metal. Bands such as Chelsea Grin try to write creative, "Br00tal" lyrics, but always fail. People often mistake deathcore for deathmetal, which is sad. All bands in this genre should just stop trying because they give metal a bad name.
"Did you hear the new Suicide Silence album?" -Emo Fag
"No, i don't listen to deathcore because it sucks." -Metalhead
by Metal Guy March 26, 2011
Contrary to what most people believe, deathcore is actually death metal fused with METALCORE; not hardcore. There is a difference.

Deathcore features breakdowns, heavily palm muted riffing, death growls, pig squeals, and technical awesomeness.

Some examples of dXc bands are Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Job For A Cowboy (pre Genesis), Whitechapel, Elysia, and Knights of the Abyss.
Deathcore. Yeh. Thumbs up :]
by MelbourneDeathcore December 22, 2007
A genre of metal that is mixed between metalcore and death metal. It can even be hardcore at the same time. Signs of deathcore include pig squeels, powerful lows and gurgling. Bands such as Despised Icon and Whitechapel lead the scene. Other notable acts include Suicide Silence which demonstrates grind as well (other deathcore with a splash of grind include Chelsea Grin). Deathcore is generally ruled by copy-cat artist and other awful bands. People normally do not respect it except those notable bands listed above. These genres are extremely influenced by the thrash bands and hardcore punk bands. And even goregrind (also death metal) bands such as Cannibal Corpse. Deathcore is a big melting pot of genres, techniques and different talent levels.
Deathcore is often overlooked but a great genre!
by Just great January 23, 2011
A great genre of music that fuses metalcore with death metal. Though it is a great form of self-empowering music, deathcore fans are often falsely accused of being "scene fags" by haters who don't know what they are talking about.
Deathcore fan: "Man I miss Mitch Lucker. Suicide Silence is one of the best deathcore bands and now their vocalist is dead"
Douchebag: "You're a scene fag. Why would you listen to this?!"
Deathcore fan: "Actually I just have a different musical taste. Why would you waste your time judging and posting negative comments on YouTube?"
Douchebag: "I need to get a life..."
by bluntnickel June 24, 2014