a term created by those that like to subcategorize as far as they can, when really, almost every single band dubbed as "deathcore" can be considered death metal. what makes the "genre" deathcore even more ridiculous, is that no bands will actually call themselves, nor admit to being deathcore, the "fans" and familiars are the ones that name it such. the only difference between what people consider death metal and deathcore is that "deathcore" focuses a little bit more on breakdowns, but old death metal bands such as Dying Fetus uses breakdown very much in their music, and are still called death metal.
Scene Guy1: liek omgz doh did you hear abowt taht new deathcore band carnifex?!?!?!

Non-Faggot1: Yeah, they've been around for awhile and they're not deathcore you scene fag. They're straight fucking death metal.

Scene Guy1: oo.. well they still are hella br00t4l!!1!1!1!

Non-Faggot1: No, brutal is a gay ass word when using it to describe music, gtfo my /b/

**Scene Guy1 goes and faps to Bring Me The Horizon**
by t3h dyld0z3r June 04, 2009
A genre of music invented by scenesters to make them feel as though their metalcore bands are somehow related to death metal more then they already are. Metalcore as a genre is in fact derived from melodic death metal, especially that of Gothenburg Sweden. So in reality all deathcore is really just metalcore with a different name.
"Lyke OMG Steven, All Shall Parish is so Deathcore."
by Damian Pantano August 03, 2007
a fusion genre consisting of AMERICAN-style death metal and/or Grindcore, and general metal-core influences. Deathcore is not as Swedish/European influenced as metalcore, but still features breakdowns, frequently ad nauseum. (The Gothenburg sound is not really death metal, but a different kind of thrash metal. it still rules, though.)

actually a from of Thrash Metal, the European "Death Metal" sound tends to follow established rules of harmony. Harmonic minor modes are very common, and accidentals (notes falling outside the key signature) are kept to a minimum. it tends to be based somewhat on european Classical Music, but not as much as Yngwie Malmsteen. times signatures fluctuate far less than american DM.

American Death Metal follows NO rules of harmony and finding the song's key is frequently almost impossible. diminished and/or chromatic tonalitied fly about and disonance is a hallmark. blast beats are borrowed from hardcore/punk (metal an dpunk have a long history of cross-pollenization), and time signatures tend to fluctuate usually for a jarring effect. as in any genre, some bands are just barely able to play, but the really good ones are usually masters of their instruments.

examples of deathcore would be early albums by:

Job For A Cowboy, Underoath, Throught the Eyes of the Dead, All Shall Perish.
Since then JFAC and TTEOTD have evolved to being real death metal. but JFAC fucking sucks donkey balls. they just steal old Cannibal Corpse stuff and make it even worse.
Underoath is now a shitty screamo (as in emo, but with screaming &"hard" music) band.
Deatcore is kinda gay when compared to real Death Metal, but at least its not korn.

by K3VIN G. March 26, 2008
Death metal and hardcore combined.
All Shall Perish, Despised Icon, Into The Moat, The Great Deceiver, Glass Casket, The Death Campaign, Nights Like These, Ion Dissonance, etc. Awesome shit like that.
Deathcore owns your pansified emo ass.
by Necrotizing Contagion October 29, 2005
My personal favorite genre of music, deathcore is a fusion of death metal and metalcore, used in deathcore: harsh vocals that can lead to pig squeals, palm muted guitar riffs, drums that sound like machine guns, and breakdowns.
Good deathcore bands:Job for a cowboy, whitechapel, The Irish front,and dance club massacre
by HxCrules April 02, 2008
A really shitty kind of music that's bastardized the name of hardcore and attracted legions of posers who basically stole the fashion from earlier punk rock, hardcore, and emo, overdid it to the point of looking really lame and deprived of attention as well as listening to bands that sonically have absolutely nothing to do with where their fashion comes from. So basically these kids have absolute shit for taste in music but enjoy flamboyantly dressing up in a desperate plea for attention, and are idiots musically and otherwise.

Deathcore was spawned basically from metalcore as it was becoming more overplayed and gaining more mainstream popularity. It was around this time that probably some ugly idiots who happened to be at ozzfest saw some metalcore bands playing and conjured up the flawed idea that combining shitty death metal and metalcore as well as dressing up could be "cool" or "cutting-edge".

Also most death metal sucks to begin with, listened to mostly by ugly dudes with long hair who enjoy playing dungeons and dragons and not showering.

Nonetheless deathcore fans are generally posers to both metal(because of the way they dress) and hardcore(because of having no real knowledge of the genre as well as punk rock, DIY, independent media, etc.).

The tail end of metalcore and deathcore mark a sad milestone for the hardcore genre, as this is the first time within almost 30 years of history of the genre that it is being bastardized and exploited in such a way, this has happened to metal numerous times throughout the years but only recently for hardcore.

The worst kind of deathcore people are the girls, these stupid misguided teenagers who've probably been molested by family members growing up or something see listening to shitty music as a gateway to dressing up, being slutty, and gaining attention. These girls have the intelligence of a brick wall and have no exposure or understanding of actual good music.

On a final note many of these bands find it necessary to down-tune their guitars in much the same way as nu-metal.
Deathcore: Suicide Silence, Job For a Cowboy, Whitechapel, The Acacia Strain, Through The Eyes of The Dead, Animosity, I could keep going on all these bands suck and are devoid of any real passion.
by Deathcore Hater September 26, 2008
This is for Faggy hardcore emo kids who are to pussy to listen to real death metal.

Basically a bunch of kids in camo shorts or tight jeans and tight shirts flinging there guitars around screaming about bullshit. No Death metal influence what so ever. Stop ruining death metal you cunts.
Hey check me out im well gr!m and Metal. i listen to job for a cowboy and other shit deathcore bands like abbigail williams and think its totally brutal.
by imwellkvlt September 12, 2006

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